Coupons by Mail or my Car Registration?

All the good stuff was in the envelope (Certificate of Registration, plate decal), but also a few blow-in pieces of paper that seemed superfluous. Upon investigation I read the cover note from the Massachusetts RMV Registrar:

Dear Registrant:

Enclosed are your Official Registration Renewal Certificate and plate decal.

Also enclosed are paid advertisements. MassDOT and the Registry of Motor Vehicles do not endorse any of these advertisements. These advertisements help defray some of the printing and mailing costs, which in turn saves money for both the RMV and the motorists of Massachusetts.

We do not provide personal information to any advertisers.


Now that is more like it! With advertisements on school buses, urinals, and jockeys at the Kentucky Derby, why not take advantage of a captive audience and offset costs? I wonder what the limit is to the number of coupons that we might eventually see in here? Supercoups and Valpak, watch out!