Want a Mobile App? Buy it Here.

There is an entire ecosystem out there for building apps and getting them on the different app stores. And this process is quite tough to navigate. And what if you have an app that you built and you want to sell? Where do you turn? Now there are a number of marketplaces to help buy and sell these mini businesses.

Apptopia has some early traction. From their About Us page:

We came together because we believed what we could do with Apptopia would represent a shift in how people perceive mobile apps.  See, apps are not just products that you buy for $0.99; they are complete businesses with revenues, customers, technology, and partners.  A mobile app is an asset.

Apptopia is the marketplace that will broker the sale of these apps.  We will manage the entire process through to completion.  Starting with recommending app valuation & connecting sellers with buyers.  Concluding with escrow services, code review, and interfacing with Apple & Google on your behalf until the deal is done.