Tricks of the TV Advertising Trade

tv-statsWired published an insightful article about the state of television programming and how the Nielson tracking method is out of date. And for those of you who time-shift your TV watching by recording programs on your DVR and watching them later, here are two ways advertisers are still trying to capture your attention as you fast forward through the commercials.

Eventually, advertisers began to find ways to reach even those ad-skipping viewers. They created campaigns that mimicked the look of the show they aired against—in some cases using the same locations and actors—in an effort to trick fans into releasing the fast-forward button. (There’s even a name for these spots: podbusters.) And they optimized their spots so that their brand could be recognizable even at six times the normal playing speed. Indeed, some researchers have found that fast-forwarders are even more attentive to ads, since they’re watching closely to see when the commercial block has ended.

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