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The In-Vince-ible Vince Wilfork. Really?

I understand the play on words that Vince Wilfork, 350 pound nose tackle for the New England Patriots, has with his own sandwich and pizza at Big Y called the In-Vince-ible. He’s a likable guy, and well respected on and off the field. However, doesn’t the “Invincible” name of the sandwich/pizza lose a little pop [...]


Tricks of the TV Advertising Trade

Wired published an insightful article about the state of television programming and how the Nielson tracking method is out of date. And for those of you who time-shift your TV watching by recording programs on your DVR and watching them later, here are two ways advertisers are still trying to capture your attention as you [...]


Pepsi Like Machine

“Like” Pepsi and get a free drink, but not from the comfort of your own home. Pepsi has introduced a new vending machine that doesn’t accept money. It only accepts Facebook “likes”. You can send pledge your affection to Pepsi either through your smartphone or by logging in to Facebook using their touch screen interface. [...]


Coupons by Mail or my Car Registration?

All the good stuff was in the envelope (Certificate of Registration, plate decal), but also a few blow-in pieces of paper that seemed superfluous. Upon investigation I read the cover note from the Massachusetts RMV Registrar: Dear Registrant: Enclosed are your Official Registration Renewal Certificate and plate decal. Also enclosed are paid advertisements. MassDOT and [...]