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Educlipper Brings Pinterest-like Interface to Crowdsourced Curation of Online Education Material

Designed for students and teachers, this site allows a broad audience to source, upload, like, reclip and share education plans and activities. Follow your favorite curator. Sort by documents, video and images. And the best stuff rises to the top. Here is a really cool 3-D art project as an example.


Competency, not Hours, Gives you Credit for College Courses

The education system is broken and there are a number of innovative solutions on how to fix it. From Khan Academy’s free online courses to’s self-paced learning for a modest monthly fee, the way we learn will be drastically changed for the next generation of students. The U.S. Department of Education recently approved financial [...]


Education Course Success Predictor

From TechCrunch: The new, so-called “Student Success System,” was built (in part) from the technology it acquired from Degree Compass; however, while Degree Compass used predictive analytics to help students optimize their course selection, the new product aims to help both sides of the learning equation: Students and teachers.