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Handy Logo – A Winner!

I love the rebranded Handy logo. What better time to update their identity than going from a name like Handybook to Handy. And this logo is an ambigram, which means it reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Kind of fun to have that option, and I think it works nicely.


The In-Vince-ible Vince Wilfork. Really?

I understand the play on words that Vince Wilfork, 350 pound nose tackle for the New England Patriots, has with his own sandwich and pizza at Big Y called the In-Vince-ible. He’s a likable guy, and well respected on and off the field. However, doesn’t the “Invincible” name of the sandwich/pizza lose a little pop [...]


Put a Physical “Like” Counter in Your Store

It can be tough to tie your online popularity with your offline store presence, but Smiirl has developed a physical counter, with a very mechanical display that is designed to be noticed. Like the store on Facebook and watch the counter go through an elaborate sequence to update the number of likes on the device. [...]


The NSA Needs Help with Their Slide Deck

Emiland De Cubber reworked the jumble of logos and confusing slides from the NSA’S privacy presentation and created a work of art. Can you say ‘less is more’?