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Educlipper Brings Pinterest-like Interface to Crowdsourced Curation of Online Education Material

Designed for students and teachers, this site allows a broad audience to source, upload, like, reclip and share education plans and activities. Follow your favorite curator. Sort by documents, video and images. And the best stuff rises to the top. Here is a really cool 3-D art project as an example.


A List of Companies in the Collaborative Economy

Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group has compiled a master list of the companies offering collaborative services. Share your car, your house, your driveway, or your clothes. It’s all becoming commonplace, and some services are upending some pretty established businesses, like hotels, taxi services and rental cars. Additionally, companies need to look at what they [...]


Want a Mobile App? Buy it Here.

There is an entire ecosystem out there for building apps and getting them on the different app stores. And this process is quite tough to navigate. And what if you have an app that you built and you want to sell? Where do you turn? Now there are a number of marketplaces to help buy [...]