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Is There Really Room to Reinvent the Bankers Box?

It appears so. It took Will Scott 8,000 prototypes, but I think he’s onto something with his ergonomically-designed box that is the most HIPAA and FACTA compliant box in the world. I love the “lock” idea.


A New Electric “Vehicle” for Your Commute

It uses 20 times less energy per mile than your average car. It is made from parts purchased at a toy store. It charges from a wall socket. Now I just need a safe path to use it.


How About a “Green” iPhone Case?

Milled from a block of laminated, recycled wood from skateboard manufacturing scraps, these iPhone cases are colorful and attractive. Read the TechCrunch article. The Making of the SkateCase for iPhone 5 from Grove on Vimeo.


Man Candles – Manly Smells

With names like “Riding Mower”, “MMM, Bacon”, and “Movie Night” these candles are targeting some pretty non-traditional, unique smells. It’s a  big departure for Yankee Candle from their normal Blueberry, Lavender and Wild Pansies with their fruity and flowery scents. You could argue that candles aren’t just for that relaxing bath during a quiet evening, [...]