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Conversations with a 2-year-old

Anyone with children knows how these conversations go. A laser focus – cookies. A relentless pursuit. I love the barrette and fairy wings.


Gas Station Karaoke Stardom

I guess America really does have talent. This guy is good. And stick around to see if his wife joins him. The Tonight Show makes a gas station video monitor into a two-way communication channel, and the host convinces the customer to sing for his gas.


A Movie Magnified 100 Million Times

IBM showing off their ability to move single atoms.


Sales Pitch Using YouTube

These are two sales pitches created by Rippln to promote their new service. Are you ready to sign up?


Matt Damon Goes on Strike

Refuses to Go to the Bathroom Until World Water Crisis is Resolved This video has high production value, and good comedic lines, but also educates and hopefully motivates a broad population. 1 million YouTube views and growing.