Romney for President (2012)


This is an example of the splash page that greeted users to Everything with the campaign was geared toward gathering information from users/voters, encouraging interaction and collecting donations.



This is an example of the homepage of the web site. Over the course of 4 months the homepage layout and functionality changed three times in order to better highlight content and encourage interaction. Colors, text and layout were tested continuously in order to optimize information gathering and donations.




  • CMS: Drupal
  • CMS: WordPress
  • ESP: Exact Target
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • A/B Testing: Optimizely
  • CDN: Akamai (NetStorage, Browser detect and redirect, IP security)
  • Analytics: Google Real-Time (beta)
  • Social: Twitter Cards (beta), ShareThis, FB Connect
  • Version Control: SubVersion, Git
  • Payment Processing: Pyrex,
  • Apps: iOS native, Adobe Air, Facebook
  • Gamification: points and badges
  • Hosting: Acquia, AWS
  • Server Monitoring: New Relic
  • Project Management: Jira, Basecamp, Google Docs, DropBox

Personal Contributions

  • Program/Development Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Project Manager Coordination
  • CTO Functions